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Living Design

In 2009, Luigi handed the company over to his sons Alessandro, Matteo and Mario. At this point a few things changed. Young designers were chosen, investments were moved around, shapes became rounder and the product became iconic and avant-garde, but above all colourful. Are you crazy, a green chair…? our accountant asked us.

In truth, while always liking colour, MINIFORMS had always used it gingerly. It was scary. But fears should be squarely faced, so firstly we gained familiarity with the strong colours, the bold, exuberant ones, like yellow, red and green. Initially it was strange to see such a lively seat! Then we made friends with colour, grew more confident, and began to experiment with a broader palette full of different nuances. From there, we developed the breezy yet distinguished language, full of distinctively elegant and unexpected shapes, that is a common denominator in all of our products.

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